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CTI (Commission for Engineering Diplomas) Accreditation and Partners

As an association and independent school, Efrei is a member of many networks of engineering schools and associations with which it works on the quality of teaching, the promotion of the digital marketplace, equal opportunities and gender equality.

Ministry of National Education and Higher Education and Research

Efrei engineering school is a private technical higher education institution under contract with the French Ministry of National Education and Higher Education and Research.

CTI Accreditation

Efrei received its first authorization to issue the Efrei engineering diploma in 1957 by the CTI (Commission of Engineering Diplomas), and currently benefits from the highest level of authorization: renewable every 5 years.

EESPIG label

Efrei obtained the EESPIG qualification, Private Higher Education Institution of General Interest, until December 30, 2019.


Efrei received the EUR-ACE authorization for 2013-2019. EUR-ACE is a European quality label issued to major engineering schools for the 1st and 2nd cycles (undergraduate and graduate).

ISO 9001

Since 2013, Efrei has been ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees the quality of its organization.

Certified Ethical Hacker - EC-Council

Recognized worldwide by computer security professionals and because of its progress in ethical hacking, the CEH certification was created in 2003 by the EC-Council and is the reference in terms of information security.

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