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Entrepreneurship and innovation are intrinsic qualities of Efrei engineers, many of whom have gone on to launch their own start-ups and successful businesses. To accompany student engineers with business development support, Efrei has set up the Department of Entrepreneurship and the Efrei Business Incubator.

In the fall 2017 semester, EFREI officially launched the Department of Entrepreneurship under the leadership of Xavier Bouvier, Director of Development. The Entrepreneurship Department brings together multiple initiatives and accompanies student entrepreneurs in the creation of their start-up from the first year of the engineering cycle with Business courses; specialized workshops; Mentorship and coaching; industry meet and greats and networking opportunities.


A jury composed of entrepreneurship experts is in charge of validating student ‘innovation’ projects. Once the project has been validated, students can apply for the student-entrepreneur status, allowing them to:

  • Become members of the Mentorship and Coaching Network
  • Perform their 2nd and 3rd year internships in their Start-Up project
  • Request Course Equivalencies for the development and realization of their project (subject to an agreement from Academic Affairs)
  • Complete the Student-Entrepreneur Diploma curriculum


Every year, the Entrepreneurs Spring Fair is an opportunity for Efrei students to spotlight their business projects and receive feedback from experts.  Students present their business projects to a panel made up of the school’s management and Efrei organizations, such as the Efrei Alumni Association, Efrei Business Angels, and the Efrei entrepreneurs club LE CEDRE. Each Company Pitch/Presentation is followed by a discussion where the audience gives advice to the future entrepreneur.