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Job Placement

Career PathEvery Year Efrei-Paris conducts an Employment Integration Survey of the graduating class in order to track the success of our engineering students.

Average starting salary, excluding bonuses: €44,462/year

Average number of months before finding 1st job: less than 3.2 months

Destination of our graduates :

  • 6% of our graduates launched their own business
  • 4% went on to do further studies (Top Management School, Ph.D., etc.)
  • 20% of graduates work internationally
  • 98% of graduates have full-time permanent contracts

What Corporate and Tech Industry Leaders Say About Efrei Graduates:

  • Scientifically and technically competent
  • Professional and industry ready
  • Entrepreneurial and innovative
  • Internationally experienced

“What distinguishes Efrei graduates is their ability to combine their advanced technical skills with open-mindedness and international experience.” Head of Human Resources, Capgemini.

“As their graduates have a solid technical foundation, the ability to work autonomously and grasp the importance of customer relations, Efrei is an indispensable partner.” Campus Manager, Microsoft.