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engineering school of digital technologies

Efrei’s strengths

Joining Efrei, is choosing to be in an independent, non-profit and EESPIG labelised French Grande Ecole. EESPIG recognizes Private Higher Education Institutions of General Interest, of which there are only 64 establishments in France. The EESPIG label sets up apart from other private institutions... No dividends to be payed to investors, the only profit we seek is that of our students in the preparation of their professional future.

Founded in 1936, Efrei hasn’t stopped evolving through the technological advances... It has become a reference school in digital technologies and has more than 14,500 alumni.

Every year, Efrei is amongst the best digital technology schools : 1st private engineering school in computing (Le Figaro Etudiant 2022 ranking). As a component school of the Panthéon-Assas University, our diplomas are recognised in France and internationally

Efrei is committed to training future engineers and experts in digital technology thanks to solid technological knowledge associated with strong language, communication and soft skills. This balance between know-how and interpersonal skills allows our students to stand out, to adapt to business’ needs and to succeed in international contexts.

Our pedagogical method is based on projects, our 65 associations and clubs, the combination of soft skills and technique and our profesionalizing Learning Experience program make the Efrei experience unique. Also, all our students are followed by a Student Success Advisor to accompany them in accomplishing their projects and put them on the road to success.

About Us

Efrei works in close partnership with an extensive network of companies, helping to meet both the academic and professional goals of roughly 3,200 students. It is a member of the prestigious “Conference des Grandes Ecoles” (CGE) a French network of top business and engineering schools.

Academic Programs

Efrei offers an open, comprehensive, and leading-edge curriculum with a wide range of opportunities for students wishing to pursue a career in the world of digital technologies.