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Si malgré notre vigilance, vous rencontriez le moindre problème d’accessibilité sur notre site, n’hésitez pas à nous contacter à l’adresse site-groupe@efrei.fr ou par téléphone au +33 188 289 000.


Admission requirements

  • Bachelor of Computer Science,
  • Bachelor of Telecommunication and Network Engineering
  • Bachelor of Software Engineering


Application Deadline : MAY 15


Applications must include the following documents: 

  • The Degree-Seeking Application Form
  • A signed and dated copy of the Computer and Network User Agreement
  • A copy of the relevant passport pages (photo, passport number, etc) or a copy of ID (for EU students)
  • 2 passport photos
  • Certified copies of all university transcripts
  • A certified copy of the Bachelor degree
  • A CV/résumé in English
  • Official results of English language test
  • Official scores of French language test (only if applying for the program in French)
  • A statement of purpose describing your reasons for studying in France, for choosing our school, and describing your career objectives
  • 1 letter of recommendation from a professor or a professional supervisor/career counselor
  • Proof of health and repatriation insurance coverage


Complete applications must be sent by mail to: 

Efrei Paris, International Office

30-32, avenue de la République

94815 VILLEJUIF Cedex, France

Or by email to: international@efrei.fr