Accommodation in Paris

Looking for accommodation from abroad can be daunting and sometimes it can be difficult for international students to secure housing.

Efrei Paris does offer different solutions to international students who will study at the school.

It is important to take into consideration that:

  • Housing in Paris is relatively expensive, with rent ranging from 650€ to 900€ per month for a single room.
  • It’s very common to live quite far from where you work or study with an average commute of 40 to 60 minutes.

Financial guarantor

  • In most cases, international students need to have a guarantor living in France or outside of France.
  • Students can secure a guarantor via VISALE or Studely, The Association for Access to Rental Guarantee.
  • In the absence of a financial guarantor, certain residence halls can request payment in advance for several months rent.

Housing insurance and civil liability

  • As a tenant, the student is responsible to the landlord of any damages (fire and water damage…) caused during their stay. Before moving in, the student must take out civil liability and housing insurance to cover any possible damage.

Government Housing allowance (APL or ALS)

  • The Aide Personnalisée au Logement (APL) and the Allocation de Logement Social (ALS) are financial assistance programs granted by the Caisse d’Allocations Familiales (CAF) to allow those who have met the conditions to help pay their rent.  The amount of housing assistance can be calculated on the CAF website.


It is recommended to secure temporary accommodation for the first few days or even weeks of the stay in Paris.


Once enrolment is completed, international students can use their Efrei Paris login to access the student housing platforms with which Efrei Paris signed a partnership.

Chinese Agencies

The website Xineurope enables the Chinese community to exchange information about living in France and to find announcements for apartments to rent or for roommates.

The Chinese agency IMODIA links Chinese students looking for housing and Chinese individuals who have property to rent in Paris or the surrounding suburbs.

An Efrei Paris student will give you priority access (with limitations to availability) to our housing partners:


  • New Residence Twenty campus X Efrei Paris (boulevard Maxime Gorki – Villejuif) only a 5 minute walk to campus: 145 rooms
  • Residence Twenty campus Paris Héloise (rue Jean Jacques Rousseau – Villejuif) only a 15 minute walk to campus: 120 rooms
  • Residence Twenty campus Croizat (107 rue Ambroise Croizat – Villejuif) only a 20 minute walk to campus: 80 rooms are reserved for Efrei Paris, specifically 30 for low income students (in French: PLS – loyers plafonnés avec plafond de ressources)
  • Residence Aragon (179, boulevard Maxime Gorki- Villejuif) only a 5 minute walk to campus : 80 rooms are reserved for Efrei Paris

Students are invited to make a request and send your application at their earliest convenience to each chosen residence.

Once they make their reservation at the residence, they need to provide a certificate to the residence stating their current enrollment at Efrei Paris.


  • Cachan University Residence is for both international students and students on scholarship.

The application can be requested from the Efrei Paris housing service:

The student must provide a completed application and be accepted by the residence. The students accepted at the residence will receive a request to attend a walk-through of the residence and receive the key to their residence by the CROUS the first week of September.