Engineering Program

Efrei Paris Offers a five-year integrated Master Program

Efrei Paris offers an open, comprehensive, and leading-edge curriculum with a wide range of opportunities for students wishing to pursue a career in the world of digital technologies.

We are committed to training engineers conscious of others and open to the world, combining technical expertise and interpersonal know-how as innovators or entrepreneurs. In order to achieve this result, we are constantly striving to innovate, in a dynamic of digital and pedagogical transformation. At the same time, we solicit and develop the autonomy of the students, thanks to a responsive student support approach to help each individual to learn better, to improve their self-awareness and to drive the development of his/her competencies.

Nicolas SicardDean of Studies and Research

Our Undergraduate Program

Efrei Paris’s undergraduate program is composed of scientific and technical engineering courses that are both general in nature and career-goal oriented.

  • 3 years
  • 6 Semesters
  • Including 2 to 6 months of paid internships

While mathematics, physics, electronics and computer science are at the heart of the engineering program at Efrei Paris, the general education and professional courses allow future engineers to prepare themselves for their professional responsibilities. Students not only improve their communication skills, but they also gain experience through running projects, working in teams and getting work experience in companies (including at the international level). 

Our Graduate Program

Our Master Program is accredited by France’s only engineering accreditation board (CTI) and by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research— since 1957.

Students develop and refine their career goals, making them job-ready in a number of sectors using information and digital technologies. 

  • A 2-year program (24 months)
  • Including 10 to 12 months of paid internships
  • Graduate students choose a combination of Master Program courses and elective modules

Program Overview





Graduate Program 2 years – 4 semesters 

120 ECTS 

Final year of the graduate program   S10  30 ECTS 
S9  30 ECTS 
First year of the graduate program  S8  30 ECTS 
S7  30 ECTS 
Undergraduate Program 3 years – 6 semesters 

180 ECTS 

Final year of the undergraduate program  S6  30 ECTS 
S5  30 ECTS 
Second year of the undergraduate program  S4  30 ECTS 
S3  30 ECTS 
First year of the undergraduate program  S2  30 ECTS 
S1  30 ECTS 

The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

The ECTS is the international standard by which Efrei Paris assesses students’ academic progress in the 5-year engineering program.

A full-time student earns 60 credits a year (30 ECTS a semester).

The ECTS credits can only be earned once students have completed and received their grades for a course. 

ECTS Grades Distribution GPA Score
A Top 15% of ECTS Unit averages Having validated the ECTS Unit with 10/20  or above at the end of the semester, before sitting a make-up exam 4
B The following 25% of ECTS Unit averages 3
C The following 35% of ECTS Unit averages 2
D The following 25% of ECTS Unit averages 1
E Having validated the ECTS Unit after sitting a make-up exam 0
F ECTS Unit not validated before or after sitting a make-up exam 0