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Efrei’s business incubator provides entrepreneurs a wide range of services and a well-equipped technically advanced facility to assist them in the creation of their companies. It is a place where students can bring ideas and develop projects that integrate innovative technology and the best in contemporary business practices.

Incubator Manager : Muriel Agbo

Muriel Agbo is among a handful of women Managers of Business Incubators in France. With a degree in engineering (Itech Lyon) and a Master 2 in Applied Economics (University of Nancy), Muriel Agbo is a specialist in financial analysis of small businesses and microfinance. For more than 10 years, she has been working in the French incubator ecosystem specializing on the financing and the business development aspects of start-ups.


EFREI entrepreneurs provides business development support for along the start-up life cycle from idea to launch. Student entrepreneurs benefit from various services:

  • Office and co-working spaces
  • Meeting rooms
  • Technical and Administrative Services
  • Professional Business Development and Support Services


Le Cedre is a network of Efrei alumni who have created their own companies. Their mission is to advise entrepreneurs and to provide a springboard for student project leaders.  Every year, LE CEDRE attributes the Golden CEDRE, which recognizes praise-worthy projects completed by Efrei students. The annual award has helped a number of Efrei alumni to successfully launch and grow their companies after graduating from Efrei.


Efrei and Audencia Nantes Management School, were the original founders of the IES!, a network of business and engineering schools who have joined forces to develop and invest in the business incubation ecosystem in France. The objective of IES! is to bring “structure” to the role of Incubator Manager, by outlining a frame of reference and benchmarks for good start-up practices and competencies. At Efrei, we believe that it is important that those taking charge of startups have a concrete, well-defined business practice capable of efficiently guiding new entrepreneurs through their projects.