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The cost of living in Paris and the surrounding area is, on average, comparable to other European capitals.

For basic expenses such as rent, food and transportation, a student will need (per month) approximately:

Housing € 650 – € 900
Food € 400
Transportation € 80
Miscellaneous € 120
Total € 1 250 – € 1400

NOTE : First month’s expenditures might be more costly as it may include:

  •  A refundable deposit for accommodation (1 to 2 months of rent)
  •  Initial expenditures (sheets, towels, cooking utensils, books, etc.)
  •  Different fees and subscriptions (sports club, cell phone, etc.)
  •  Tuition fees for degree-seeking students
  •  Health insurance and complementary health care coverage (for non-European students)

Students are often entitled to discounts in shops, cinemas, museums, theaters, bookshops, or for transportation, etc. 
Remember to show your student card.

  • A cinema ticket costs €15 on average (though there is often a student rate at €7)
  • A soft drink in a cafe costs about €4
  • A meal in a restaurant costs at least €15 (more often around €18 to €20)

Campus Restaurant and Meal Card

A student restaurant located on campus provides affordable meals for students (meals cost approximately €3).
Students can buy restaurant meal cards upon presentation of their student I.D. card. These meal cards are valid in all French university restaurants.