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PEX Program Curriculum

Efrei’s PEX programs seek to provide students with the practical technical skills required by businesses in all sectors. A total of 25 programs divided into two sections (Techonology & Digital and Digital Marketing) are offered to students to respond to students’ interests and professional requirements.

In a rapidly evolving world, students require both digital and interpersonal skills. At Efrei, technological and digital skills are given equal importance to communication and management skills. Collaborating closely with businesses, Efrei meticulously design course content to align with industry needs, ensuring our graduates are well-prepared for their future careers.

Efrei offers two types of courses: a 5-year integrated Engineering Program (see more here) and Expert Programs which include 2-year BTEC diplomas, 3-year Bachelor Programs and 2-year Master Programs. The Expert Programs are available exclusively in French.

These Expert Programs can be divided into two sections:

  • Technology and Digital
    • Network and Cybersecurity
    • Development
    • Data
  • Digital Technology and Management
    • Digital Communication
    • Digital Marketing
    • UX Design
    • Business Strategy

PEX Technology & Digital Programs

Discover our Technology & Digital programs here below:

BTEC Higher National Diploma Bachelor programs Master programs Msc programs
Organisational Digital Services Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking Networks & Cloud Cybersecurity Cybersecurity & Articifial Intelligence
Engineering & Cybersecurity Full Stack Dev Manager Cybersecurity & Management
Web & application developer Data engineering & AI
Digital Engineering

PEX Digital Technology & Management Programs

Discover our Digital Management Programs here below:

BTEC Higher National Diploma Bachelor programs Master programs
Communication Digital Marketing & Communication International communication & technology
Digital & international Communication Communication & Digital Strategy
Digital Marketing Digital Engineering Digital Marketing & Management
Management & Digital Strategy Managment, data & AI
Business & New Technologies UX Design
Management & Digital Transformation
Marketing and Digital Technologies

Practical Learning

Project-based learning

Students engage in project-based learning in small groups, which promotes the development of essential transversal and relational skills. This approach enhances their critical thinking, understanding client needs, team management and meeting deadlines.

Collaboratively on projects proposed by partner companies, students learn to think and work in innovative ways. They apply technical knowledge and methods to study, develop, and execute personal projects. As they progress through their studies, the projects increase in complexity.


65% of Efrei students in Expert Programs participate in apprenticeships, dividing their time between studying at Efrei and working in a company. Apprenticeships are optional for BTEC courses but mandatory in the third year of the Bachelor programs and the 2 years of Master programs. This dual approach provides valuable professional experience, preparing students for successful integration into the job market post-graduation.

To ensure student employability, the Career Center assist students in finding apprenticeship opportunities and supports them throughout their time at the company. The learning model combines theoretical knowledge with practical experience, training students for specific careers.

Program Calendars