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All international students who come to study at Efrei must have health insurance in accordance with French law for the duration of their stay in France and prove medical coverage for the following situations: illness, accident, repatriation, civil liability.

Nationality French social security system (CPAM) French Complementary health insurance (Mutuelle) Other International Health Insurance
European citizens (+ Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland) Not compulsory for holders of EHIC or private insurance European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or private insurance
Non-European citizens in France for long Stay of 2 semesters or more Compulsory Strongly recommended by HEYME or LMDE Compulsory for the first 3 to 5 months in France.
Non-European citizensOn Short stay (1 to 5 months) For short stay, it is necessary to take out international health insurance coverage in the home country prior to the arrival in France.

Non-European students enrolled in a short-term program (1 to 5 months)

Since signing up to the French social security system is quite long, (1 to 5 months depending on the situation), non-European students on short term programs must take out health insurance before their arrival in France. This insurance policy must cover all health expenses (illness, accident, hospitalisation) as well as repatriation, and must take effect from the first day of their stay in France. If medical coverage isn’t taken out in one’s country of origin, private health insurance must be taken out upon arrival in France from one of these agencies:

  • LMDE: about 50€ per month for optimal coverage (most to 100% of the medical costs are reimbursed, including dental costs).
  • HEYME: monthly costs vary according to the length of stay and the degree of coverage.
  • MONDASSUR: (students up to age 35) monthly costs vary according to length of stay and degree of coverage.

Non-European students with a long-term visa

French social security (régime de sécurité sociale français CPAM) is compulsory for non-European students staying for 2 semesters or more. Signing up for social security must be done at the beginning of the academic year.

Health coverage for the first few months of stay in France: Since becoming affiliated to the French social security system is quite long, (1 to 5 months depending on the situation), non-European students must take out health insurance for the fest few months of their stay (see point 1.1).

Complementary health insurance (Mutuelle): Insofar as social security only reimburses actual incurred costs from 15% to 70% according to the type of expense, it is strongly recommended students take out a complementary health insurance plan (health insurance) to be fully reimbursed for all health costs (illness, accident, hospitalisation). The cost of such health policies varies from 150€ to 300€ per year.

European students

Students who are nationals from member states of the European Economic Area are exempted from the social security scheme if they are in possession of one or more of the following documents:

  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) granted in country of origin before departure. It must be valid for the full academic year.
  • Certificate of private insurance from the country of origin covering all medical risks and without any fee restrictions.

European students who are unable to prove that they are duly insured in the country of origin must sign up to the French social security system and take out French private insurance to be covered during the first few months of their stay (see point 1.2).


All students must take out both a repatriation plan and civil liability insurance. These insurance plans are compulsory for all students regardless of age, nationality and length of stay.

Civil liability insurance covers students in case of damage caused to a third party or their assets, whether it is due to negligence or not.

Repatriation and civil liability insurance can be taken out online in one’s home country or upon arrival in France. Both types of insurance generally are part of the overall health insurance policy designed for international students.