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Efrei 85 years of history

Discover Efrei’s interesting history: from its foundation in 1936 to its evolution following the technological advances of the last 80 years.


Creation of EFR (French School of Radio Engineering)

The French School of Radio Engineering (EFR) was founded in 1936, in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, by Ernest Lavigne. The school, located on Amyot Road, then responded to a growing need in society and was to establish itself in the field of information and communication on a long-term basis: through the teaching of science and radioelectric techniques, it was to train radio wave manipulators, in particular for the merchant navy.


EFR is recognized by the French government


Awarded the CTI certification

EFR is accredited by the Commission des Titres Ingénieur (CTI) to deliver the title of engineer to students and created its integrated preparatory course.


EFR becomes EFRE

EFR becomes EFRE: French School of Radio and Electrical Engineering.


André Truong co-created the first micro-computer in the world

André Truong [class of 1959 at Efrei] co-invented, the Micral-N, first micro-computer in the world, at his company R2E. This revolutionary machine was created one year before the Altair from the American company, who claims the authorship of the PC.


EFRE becomes EFREI (French School of Radio, Electrical and Computer Engineering)

With the double presence of electronics and information technology in all strategic economic sectors, EFREI accompanies the development of the so-called consumer society and its imperative need for automation (industry, accounting data, inventories, etc.) to gain ever greater efficiency and profitability in the face of economic competition which was already becoming global.


Sylvain Anichini created the Canal+ decoder

He graduated from Efrei in 1977, and his engineering career escalated in 1982 when he co-created the Canal+ channel as well as the first decoder while working as Technical Manager.


Creation of SEPEFREI, the Junior-Company

The SEP is active both in student and professionnal life on the campus.


The Villejuif campus opens

The school opens a second campus in Villejuif and only trains engineers. The number of students increased from 70 to 160.


Creation of the Freebox

Antoine Levasseur [Efrei class of 1999], Sébastien Boutruche [Efrei class of 1997] et Rani Assaf [Efrei class of 1997] invented the Freebox, first Triple Play Box in the world: a network terminal offering simultaneous access to the Internet, television, and telephone.


Creation of an incubator

The Efrei Entrepreneurs Incubator and the House of Entrepreneurs


Creation of a research center

The different themes of the research directly feed the teachings given in the lessons, through courses and projects.


David Gurlé created Symphony

David Gurlé [class of 1992] created Symphony, the most secure financial platform in the world and the biggest rival of Bloomberg.


Strength in numbers

The Efrei group is created and brings together: Efrei, Efreitech, AllianSTIC, Efrei Entrepreneurs and the Association of alumni and engineers



The website “Le Site du Zéro” created by Mathieu Nebra [Efrei class of 2008] becomes OpenClassrooms (one of the leading online learning websites).


Efrei obtains the EESPIG label

EESPIG: Private Higher Education Institution of General Interest


Efrei: the school with the best image among companies

Efrei is the higher-education engineering school, with the best image among companies, according to an independent study conducted by Kantar TNS in 2018 among a representative sample of major companies in France. With a leading position and a score of 7.3/10, the school affirms the high level of its diplomas and the excellent interpersonal skills of its graduates, which are highly appreciated within companies.


Creation of a Student Hub

The school inaugurates a new 600m2 building on campus, the Student Hub, a living space dedicated to students and community life.


Opening of a campus in Bordeaux

Efrei inaugurates its new campus in Bordeaux, a few minutes from the Bordeaux Saint-Jean train station. This campus welcomes students who have opted for the integrated scientific preparatory program.


Fériel Bouakkaz

Fériel Bouakkaz (professor-researcher at Efrei) is the first woman in France to receive the CEI accreditation (Certified EC-Council Instructor). Being CEI accredited, Fériel can both coach students for the certification and give the CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) exam within the Efrei campus


Efrei inaugurates the Innovation’Lab

This space of more than 120m2 is composed of two areas: the design area and the project manufacturing area. The space allows students, alumni, teachers, or associations to concretize their projects, to build prototypes or to test new teaching methods.


Opening of the Gorki site in Villejuif

Located five minutes' walk from the main campus, this new site, with some twenty classrooms, houses the language courses and those of the Humanities and Communication Department.


Efrei integrates the Cyber Campus

Since May 2021, Efrei has been a member of the Cyber Campus, a totem of cybersecurity that brings together the main national and international players in the field. By joining the Cyber Campus, Efrei is strengthening its position as a school at the forefront of digital and cybersecurity training.


Efrei x Panthéon Assas

Efrei joins the University of Paris-Panthéon-Assas as a component institution, alongside ISIT, IRSEM, CFJ and the W School, with the ambition of becoming a major player in private higher education. This unique combination of public and private sectors, based on strong and complementary expertise, allows us to cover all the key themes of the contemporary world, such as ethics, law and justice, digitalization and new economies.