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The Efrei Career Center aims to support students to develop their career plan and to refine their job search options in line with their training in the engineering cycle.

Whether it is working on a CV, a cover letter,  participating in interview simulations, or organizing a Job Fair, the Career Center team helps students to define their professional project, to learn how to target companies, and how to activate the alumni network when looking for internships and job opportunities.

Nadia Essaouil Jean
Internship Officer
Student Advisor - Programmes Experts DIGITAL


Yuliet Perea Diaz
Internship Officer
Student Advisor - Programmes Experts TECH


Alicia Lanzafame
Internship Officer
Student Advisor - Engineering Program



At Efrei, internships are key moments in which students and companies can build strong links. For each year in the program, there is an internship, which has different goals and objectives, giving students the opportunity to progressively learn the different facets of the professional world, engineering and the digital technology sector.


Students undertake a 1-month internship in each of the first two years of the course. The first being an introductory internship, allowing students to have their first contact with the business world. The second seeks to enhance students’ business skills, allowing them to understand the ins and outs of how to run a business and to develop their customer service skills.

In their third year, students can choose between an internship in a company or participate in a humanitarian project for one to two months.



In their first year of Master studies, students complete a 5-month technical internship related to the area of ICT (software development, networks, etc.).

Second-year graduate students complete a 6-month engineering internship. The content is either technically orientated, focusing on the area of ICT in general or business orientated, focusing on management issues such as marketing, strategy, counseling, etc.

A significant number of final-year internships often result in full-time job offers from the companies, allowing recruiting companies the chance to train and assess the suitability of junior engineers for more advanced professional roles.

International training and research

International students from partner universities regularly conduct research at Efrei working alongside professors in multicultural student teams on various ongoing projects. Our faculty welcomes graduate and undergraduate candidates for a research internship of one to two semesters.

We have developed a network of close to 100 partner universities allowing us to offer all our students (including international students) a significant number of exchange programs, internships and double degree options in many countries.

Efrei graduates are highly regarded in the work place

Hands-on business experience is crucial in the training of the future engineer and is an undeniable asset for recruiters and future employers. Every Year Efrei-Paris conducts an Employment Integration Survey of the graduating class in order to track the success of our engineering students.

Average starting salary, excluding bonuses: €46,000/year

Average employment rate after graduation: 98%, of which 5% create their own businesses.

What Corporate and Tech Industry Leaders Say About Efrei Graduates:

  • Scientifically and technically competent
  • Professional and industry ready
  • Entrepreneurial and innovative
  • Internationally experienced

“What distinguishes Efrei graduates is their ability to combine their advanced technical skills with open-mindedness and international experience.” Head of Human Resources, Capgemini.

“As their graduates have a solid technical foundation, the ability to work autonomously and grasp the importance of customer relations, Efrei is an indispensable partner.” Campus Manager, Microsoft.