The Efrei Paris Career Center aims to support students to develop their career plan and to refine their job search options in line with their training in the engineering cycle. Whether it is working on a CV, a cover letter,  participating in interview simulations, or organizing a Job Fair, the Career Center team helps students to define their professional project, to learn how to target companies, and how to activate the alumni network when looking for internships and job opportunities.

Internship Officer :

Isabelle Manchin

Career Center Manager : 

Alexandre Pierre Giraud



The Career Center provides the following services to students:

Career Development Workshops

Throughout their journey at EFREI Paris, student engineers regularly meet and engage with industry professionals. These exchanges allow them, on the one hand, to enrich their understanding of their professional project and future careers and on the other hand, to build their professional network, important during their internships and jobs search.

Mock Interviews

Simulation interviews with HR professionals on company premises.

CV, Cover Letter Workshops

The Career Center helps students build a profession portfolio.

At the end of the third year, each student prepares and validates their individual professional career plan.

Company Site Visits

Several times a year, students participate in company site visits. Their objective is to help discover local enterprises, the latest innovations, experience corporate culture