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Tuition fees and financial assistance

Annual tuition fee for Engineering Program

For the 2023-2024 school year, the annual fees are broken down into:

L1 L2 L3 L3 New * M1 M2
European students 8,500€ 9,500€ 9,500€ 9,800€ 9,800€ 9,800€
International students 11,300€

*The L3 new cohort is dedicated to newcomer students in the 1st year of the engineering cycle, corresponding to a bac + 3 in Efrei.

N.B.: Students who participate in the reinforced preparatory classes will have annual rates increased by:

  • 700€ for the 1st year
  • 400€ for the 2nd year

The increase takes into account the additional refresher courses in scientific subjects including: 2-week internship for the reinforced Prep + teaching of 6 hours/week more.

Special rules for foreign students/Non-residents in France at the time of their enrolment

To reserve their place at Efrei, students in the Grande Ecole Program must pay the registration fee of 1500 euros; and 900 euros for students in the Digital Expert Program. This payment must be made and received before August 10th. If the student fails to pay the fee on time, the “Certificate of registration” cannot be issued. This document is required for their Visa. To receive their “Certificate of enrolment”, students must also pay 50% of the tuition fees for the coming academic year.

Financial Assistance

Efrei Paris International Scholarship for Degree-Seeking Candidates

Partial tuition waiver may be offered to outstanding degree-seeking students and students from partner universities. 

The Eiffel  Scholarship

Are eligible to this scholarship : 

  • Students from Efrei partner universities;
  • at Masters level, for a duration between 12 and 36 months;
  • at Doctorate or PhD level, for research periods in France of up to 12 months. 

Applications must be sent no later than November 1 of the year prior to the beginning of the academic period.

French Embassy Scholarships Program

Please contact the local French Embassy for information on local French Embassy Scholarship programs.

Additional Program Information

If you are interested in the programs offered in French such as the Formation en Alternance or Programmes Experts du numérique, you will find the details regarding the cost of tuition on the French website : Frais & financement des études.