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Academic fees and financial assistance

Annual academic fees for Engineering Program

For the 2024-2025 school year, the annual academic fees (including registration and tuition fees) are as below:

Engineering undergraduate program Engineering graduate program
1st year 2nd year 3rd year 1st year 2nd year
Students from Europe and Africa 9,500€ 10,500€ 10,500€ 11,500€ 11,500€
Other international students  11,000€*  12,000€*   13,000€*



*International students from outside Europe and Africa may benefit from a school scholarship based on academic excellence.

Financial Assistance

The Eiffel Scholarship

PhD students from partner universities are eligible for this scholarship, for research periods in France of up to 12 months. The application can only be submitted by the Efrei research supervisor on behalf of the PhD candidate.

French Embassy Scholarships Program

Please contact the local French Embassy for information on local French Embassy Scholarship programs.

Important Payment Rules

Students must pay the registration fee (1500€), and at least 50% of tuition fees for the first semester of the course, when they send their application.

This payment must be made and received for the “Enrollment certificate” to be issued. This document is required for the visa application.

The remaining 50% of tuition fees for the second semester should be paid before classes begin.

Additional Program Information

If you are interested in the programs offered in French such as the “Formation en Alternance” or “Programmes Experts du numérique”, you will find the details regarding the cost of tuition on the French website : Frais & financement des études.