Graduate Programs

General organisation of the 2-year graduate program

Director of Graduate Studies :  Dr. Nicolas Sicard

  • Master 1:  
    • Two academic Semesters: S7 and S8
    • A Mandatory interdisciplinary project: the Innovation Project
    • A five-month technical internship
  • Master 2:
    • One academic Semester (S9)
    • A six-month Professional internship (S10)
    • A Mandatory interdisciplinary project: the Innovation Project
  • Scientific and Technical Training 

The Scientific and Technical Training courses cover the foundational scientific and technical competencies as well as the cross-disciplinary project skills of the future engineer.

  • General Education Program

The General Education program includes none-scientific and technical training, which prepares students to successfully integrate the Business world as interculturally competent, and communicatively skilled IT Engineers.

Courses cover topics such as Management, Culture, Communication, IT Careers, International Studies, Languages as well as the suite of e-Novation seminars. 

Master Program