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Efrei engineering school of digital technologies

Efrei has more than 80 years of expertise in the fields of education and innovation. It offers diversified academic programs covering all digital fields today.

The School

Efrei is a general engineering school in the fields of computer science and digital technologies. Efrei today is a result from the merger of two schools: Efrei, founded in 1936, and Esigetel, founded in 1986. Accredited by the Cti – Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs – since 1957, Efrei has an excellent reputation with companies. Its mission is to train versatile, accomplished, and capable digital engineers, ready to use their skills for companies.

Efrei offers two types of academic programs covering all digital technologies and all sectors of activity:

  • Grande Ecole Engineering Program

which leads to earning the Efrei engineering degree authorized by the Cti – Commission des Titres d’Ingénieurs.

  • Specialized programs

which leades to the obtaining of a diploma recognized by the State Diploma after 5 years of study.

Specialized programs are offered in French.

Grande Ecole Engineering Program

The 5-year Grande Ecole Engineering Program is divided into two cycles:

The Undergraduate program (L1, L2)

Depending on their high school diploma, students can choose from multiple preparatory programs:

In English:

In French:

  • Reinforced Undergraduate Integrated Program
  • Biology and Digital Undergraduate Integrated Program
  • Late Start Integrated Undergraduate Program, starts in February

The Engineering Degree (in 3 years)


Education and Training

The strong axes of Efrei’s acacemics include international openness, soft skills, and entrepreneurship.

Efrei engineering training goes beyond the scientific and technical lessons which total 70% of the courses, the Efrei engineering training also emphasizes:

  • International opportunities (learning English and a second foreign language, 2 mandatory international immersion periods, double degree abroad, etc.);
  • The development of social sciences (soft skills) via general training (human sciences, management, interpersonal skills, communication, etc.), team projects, active in school associations, etc.;
  • To develop the students’ entrepreneurial spirit, Efrei encourages a focus on the entrepreneurial spirit, which will help serve both entrepreneurial and “intrapreneurial” dynamics within a company.

Training with projects

Efrei’s innovative teaching is based on the culmination of academic and transdisciplinary projects (sciences, technology, management, and communication), which, become more complex throughout the training and gradually integrate all the phases of the creation of an innovative digital object.

The research laboratory, the FabLab, the business incubator, the computer laboratories, etc. are all available resources for students to build their educational path and carry out their professional projects.


6 founding values

Efrei goal is to produce well-rounded and responsible engineers who are ready to meet current commercial IT demands.

Beyond its focus on IT, Efrei Paris sets itself apart by providing students with a balanced blend of general training that includes communication, general culture, business management, entrepreneurship and foreign languages.

Furthermore, Efrei Paris works with and continues to develop international partnerships with universities and companies, creating academic and professional opportunities for its students. 

Involvement in community work occupies a special place at Efrei Paris and is a highly recommended addition to students’ academic studies because of its ability to reinforce the 6 key values fostered by the school:  High standards, Agility, Creativity, Boldness, Accessibility, Solidarity.

Shared Values

For more than 80 years, Efrei has been recognized as one of the top engineering schools because of the quality of its training, its decisive positioning towards the needs of companies and the values it defends. The digital revolution is accelerating; it is the motor of a great and novel transformation of our world. Efrei’ ambition is to prepare this younger generation for the challenges of this new digital age. We are driven by the will to create a freer and more cohesive world.

Frédéric Meunier, Director, Efrei