Efrei Paris Engineering School of Digital Technologies

is a state recognized, private, non-profit organization founded in 1936.

Efrei Paris works in close partnership with an extensive network of companies, helping to meet both the academic and professional goals of roughly 3,200 students.

It is a member of the prestigious “Conference des Grandes Ecoles” (CGE) a French network of top business and engineering schools.

The school achieved the prestigious French ministry of Education EESPIG label in 2015 for:

* Its contribution to higher education

* Its non-profit status and its independent governance

* Its dedication to social responsibility

* Its multi-year commitment to national public service.


Efrei Paris academic programs

Efrei Paris offers a well-balanced blend of technical, scientific and managerial skills producing well-rounded engineers with strong personal values who can quickly adapt to any work environment.

With experiential learning at the core of the academic, professional and personal experience, Efrei Paris offers students:

* specialized training programs designed to meet the needs of companies

* collaborative and project-based learning

* an international work environment

* twelve months of real-world internship training

* opportunities to network with industry professionals

* entrepreneurship development and access to advanced research options

* strong interpersonal competence and managerial skills

* active and vibrant campus life initiatives

* integration into a network of more than 12 200 alumni professionals worldwide.


Efrei Paris’s master’s degree in engineering

is fully accredited by the “Commission des Titres d’Ingénieur” (CTI),

(the only official accreditation body to award Master of Engineering degrees in France—since 1957)

And by EUR-ACE, the European Accreditation of Engineering Program.