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Efrei Research Lab

Efrei Research Lab

The Efrei Research Lab is the laboratory of Efrei, the top-ranking higher education establishment in digital technology. It brings together some thirty teacher-researchers with different and complementary expertise, supervising as many PhD students.

Panthéon Assas

Since January 2022, Efrei has been part of Panthéon-Assas University, which will become a large institution, combining the prestigious Panthéon-Assas University, 4 private schools recognized as being in the public interest, as well as the Strategic Research Institute of the Military School.

This new institution is composed of 26 laboratories covering major themes of the contemporary world such as ethics, law and justice, security and defense, management, communication, new economies and company digitization.

The Efrei Research Lab is the digital laboratory of Assas, attached to the EGIC 455 Doctoral School, which delivers PhDs in computer science and electronics.

Projects & Research areas

Its fields of expertise are focused on digital domains.

  • Data and Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital security and trust
  • Communication networks
  • Intelligent embedded systems.

The laboratory focuses on applied research within three major fields of application: life sciences (health, agriculture, sports, etc.), business transformation and Legaltech.

Through their expertise, the researchers of the Efrei Research Lab participate in national and international projects on various themes such as the emotion recognition, health or sports.

Efrei Research Lab Theses, publications & partners

Efrei Research Lab is also...an offer for companies

Efrei Research Lab, like the school, is close to companies and their issues. Thanks to a common philosophy and culture, the lab focuses its applied and theoretical research on solving problems related to companies.