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EFREI At the top of the rankings

Top rankings year after year

Since 1936, Efrei has held a prominent place in training engineers and digital and web experts. Each year, press rankings reflect the quality of teaching, the commendation of diplomas, and graduate students’ high level of skill and expertise.

Each year, Efrei strives to train professional engineers and competent general experts and entrepreneurs, adapted to the needs of companies and capable of evolving and flourishing internationally.

Efrei’s excellence and values are recognized both in press and company rankings and via independent surveys.

Ranking of rankings

Efrei joins the podium in the “Ranking of Rankings” for the 2023-2024 academic year and holds 3rd position for higher education engineering school.

The “Ranking of Rankings” places all schools ranked in at least two of the three following lists for engineering schools “l’Etudiant, Usine Nouvelle et Figaro Etudiant”.

Figaro Etudiant 2024 Ranking

Efrei is in 3rd position for engineering schools specialized in computer science in the Figaro Etudiant ranking in 2024. Schools are judged on academic excellence, international opportunities and occupational integration.

Eduniversal 2024 Ranking

7 of Efrei’s Masters/Msc programs are ranked among the best Masters, MS and MBAs according to the Eduniversal 2024 Ranking amongst them:

2 Master’s in the TOP5:

  • Full Stack Development Manager Masters (2nd place)
  • UX Design Master’s (3rd place)

4 Masters/MSc in the TOP10:

  • Communication and Digital Strategies Master’s (6th place)
  • Business Innovation and New Technologies (6th place)
  • Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence Msc (6th place)
  • Cybersecurity and Management Msc (9th place)

Figaro 2024 Ranking

Efrei is 8th amongst the best Engineering Schools in 2024.

Efrei is also 3rd amongst the best private Engineering Schools according to the Figaro Etudiant 2024 Ranking.

Speak and Act 2024 Ranking

Efrei is 5th in the Speak and Act – Happiness Barometer regarding schools specialized in commerce and management.

This ranking aims to promote schools and universities where students are the happiest and to help candidates to choose schools when seeking the best student experience.

Etudiant 2024 Ranking

According to the Etudiant 2024 ranking for Engineering Schools, Efrei is the 1st private Engineering School and the 1st private Engineering School specialized in IT Management.

Efrei is also 2nd private Engineering School in the overall ranking.

Efrei received an overall mark of 20/20 for occupational integration.

Eduniversal 2024 World Ranking

Two of Efrei’s programs are in the Eduniversal 2024 world rankings:

Msc Cybersecurity & Management is 29th in the Cybersecurity, Systems Security and Data Protection category.

Business Innovation & New Technologies is 47th in the E-Business and Digital Marketing category.

Student Associations Ranking

The Student Associations Ranking aims to promote student associative life and to elect the best student association of the year and the best associations per category.

Amongst Efrei’s student associations:

FAP EFREI, ranked 2nd in the start-ups, 3rd in the social associations category.

4L&Faons in the Top 10 of humanitarian associations and 4th in sports associations.

L’Etudiant 2023 Ranking

Efrei is 1st private Engineering School specialized in Computer Science

Efrei is also 2nd on the national level according to the rankings of Engineering Schools.

Speak & Act 2023 Ranking

For the second year running, Efrei Paris Panthéon-Assas University obtains the Speak and Act labels in the Best School Experience and Best Employer Experience categories.

The first category aims to promote schools and universities where students are the happiest. The second, promotes schools and universities that offer the best employer recognition.

Figaro 2023 Ranking

Efrei ranks 4th best computer engineering school and 1st private school with the highest average annual salary at the exit, according to the Figaro Etudiant 2023 ranking.

Eduniversal 2023 Ranking

Efrei ranks 1st for the following rankings:

  • Engineering Schools and Specialized Schools in Computer Science and Digital Technology
  • Engineering schools specialized in Artificial Intelligence & Data Sciences

according to the Eduniversal Ranking of the best bachelors, and grandes écoles 2023.

Eduniversal 2023 Ranking

According to the Eduniversal ranking, 3 Efrei bachelors are in the TOP 5 of web, digital, and computer science bachelor programs.

These include the Cybersecurity & Ethical Hacking Bachelor, Digital Marketing & Communication Bachelor, and the Digital & International Communication Bachelor.

The Web and Application Developer Bachelor is in the 6th position.

The of Digital Marketing & Communication Bachelor is also in 3rd position at the regional level (Nouvelle-Aquitaine)

Speak & Act 2023 Ranking

Efrei is the 3rd engineering school offering the best employer recognition according to the Best Employer Experience ranking. This ranking aims to guide candidates in the search for the best student experience.

Efrei also ranks 9th among the engineering schools where students are the happiest according to the Best School Experience ranking. This ranking’s goal is to help guide candidates in the search for the best student experience.

Figaro Étudiant 2023 Ranking

Efrei is the #1 private computer engineering school in France according to the Le Figaro Étudiant list of 2023.

Ranked 7th overall out of 164 schools, Efrei is ahead of its counterparts such as:

  • Esilv (9th)
  • ECE (14th)
  • Epita (27th)

Figaro Étudiant 2023 Ranking

Efrei is the #1 private school of engineers in digital technology, computer science, and mathematics, according to the Le Figaro Étudiant list of 2023.

Ranked 9th overall out of 164 schools, Efrei is ahead of its counterparts such as:

  • Esilv (15th)
  • ECE (19th)
  • Epita (27th)

Etudiant 2023 Ranking

In 2023, Efrei is in 1st place in the ranking of private engineering schools in computer science in the Paris area according to the Etudiant 2023 ranking. The school is in a leading position regarding international opportunities.

The school is also in the top 3 of Engineering Schools in computer science in France with good networks with companies.

Studyrama Ranking 2023

According to the Studyrama Grandes Ecoles ranking, 3 Efrei bachelor degrees are in the top 5 technological and scientific bachelor programs in Parcoursup (online application platform for higher education):

  • Cybersecurity Bachelor
  • Digital Strategy and Innovation Bachelor
  • Global Programming Developer Designer Bachelor

Industry & Technology 2023 Ranking

According to the 2023 Entrepreneurship Awards, Efrei ranks 3rd best engineering school to start a business, ahead of:

  • Telecom Paris (4th)
  • Polytechnique (7th)
  • ISEP (13th)

In 2023, Efrei rose to 7th place in the Industry and Technologies ranking of the best engineering schools in Ile-de-France.

The best school according to companies

Efrei is the Engineering School with the best representation amongst companies according to an independent study carried out by Kantar TNS in 2023. The study was carried out with a representative sample of some of the biggest French companies. Efrei leads the list, with an overall score of 7.3/10 based on the high quality of its degrees and the excellent interpersonal skills of its students, very appreciated by companies.


Usine Nouvelle 2023 Ranking

In 2023, Efrei’s Engineering Program was in the top 10 in the Usine Nouvelle general ranking.

The school is also in 2nd position for occupational integration.