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Dario VIEIRA Research Professor and Head of Research in Connected Objects and Indoor Localization


Dario Vieira finished his Ph.D. at Télécom SudParis (TSP, France) in December 2006. During his PhD, he was a research intern at Intel Research Lab in Cambridge (UK) where he worked on the definition, design and implementation of a new Session Maintenance Protocol (which they called Managed Session Protocol – MSP). He was a member of the Computer Network Research Group at the State University of Campinas – Unicamp, Brazil. He received his M.Sc. Degree in Computer Science from Unicamp in March 1999.



  • Software Defined Network (SDN)
  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • 5G – MEC (Mobile Edge Computing)
  • Network Cloudification
  • Machine to Machine (M2M)
  • Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V)
  • Peer-to-Peer (P2P)
  • Fog and Edge Computing


  • Introdution to IoT
  • System Programming
  • Operating System
  • Database
  • OSI Model
  • Innovation Projet


  • Study of Advanced Mobility and Traffic Safety Technologies
  • FITEC – France Engineers Technology


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