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FERIEL BOUAKKAZ Research Professor in Cybersecurity


After obtaining her Master’s in networks and computer security in 2012, Fériel began a doctorate focusing on the aggregation of secure data in wireless sensor networks in February 2013. During her Ph.D., she worked for the LIMED medical computer laboratory (University of Bejaia, Algeria) in collaboration with the laboratories Heudiasyc (University of Technology of Compiègne) and Lab-STICC (University of Western Brittany, Brest).

Upon receiving her Ph.D. in Computer Science in July 2016, Fériel participated in the SUIDIA project (remote monitoring of gestational diabetes), which was developed through a partnership between the Lab-STICC and the University Hospital Center of Brest.

She then carried out a two-year teaching and research mission at the School of Electronics and Its Applications (ENSEA, Cergy), before taking on a position as a Teacher and Educational Coordinator at ITESCIA, a school run by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Fériel joined Efrei as a Research Professor in August 2019.

She teaches courses in cryptography, infrastructure security, algorithms and Java.

Her main research interests focus on security, data aggregation, wireless sensor networks, IoT and 5G.