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Lamine BOUGUEROUA Research Professor and Head of Research in Big Data and Web Intelligence


Lamine BOUGUEROUA received a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, option “computer systems”, from the National School of Computer Science (ESI), Algiers (Algeria) in 1998. He also received a MS degree in Advanced Databases from UVSQ – University of Versailles in 2001 and a Doctorate in Science from UPEC – University Paris-Est Creteil, France, in collaboration with Esigetel, Avon, France, in March 2007.

Professor BOUGUEROUA joined Esigetel in 2006 and transitioned to EFREI after the merger of Esigetel and EFREI in 2016.



  • Sequencing
  • Real Time Systems
  • Decision-Making Systems
  • WEB intelligence
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Multi-Agent Systems


  • UML, BDD, Real-time Systems, Web Service, Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Software Development.


  • PHC POLONIUM: Study and contextual analysis of emotions based on multimodal signals (24 months).
  • PNAPI: Digital support platform for beekeepers (42 months).



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