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Layth Sliman Research Professor


After obtaining a degree in Computer Engineering and his Master Degree in Computer Science, Layth Sliman received his Ph.D. at INSA Lyon, in collaboration with Ryukyus University, Japan. He additionally studied computer software application development and implementation at CMC-TATA in New Delhi, India. In the same year, he also completed another course in Information and Communication Technology at MEIO University and the Okinawa International Center in Japan. In 2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2014, he pursued research projects in Digital Rights Management and Image Processing at Ryukyus University and Ritsumeikan University in Japan. He has conducted research and taught Computer Engineering and Information Systems at many universities, including INSA Lyon, Ryukyus University in Japan, Beijing University of Technology and the Institute of Visual Informatics in Malaysia. Since September 2010, he has been a research professor at EFREI. He is a research fellow in numerous international institutes.

Layth Sliman has given numerous conférences and seminars on the subject of IoT, Collaborative Systems, Big Data and Blockchain in France, Italy, Japan, and Spain. He has chaired and/or organized more than 10 international conferences. This include 27th IEEE WETICE, 25th IEEE WETICE, SOCPAR2017 (LNCS), IAS2017 (LNCS), 13th IAS (LNCS),  IBICA2017(LNCS), 10th IFIP NTMS2019, 9th NTMS18, 6th NTMS15, 14th ISDA(IEEE), and 10 years, (IEEE).


  • Collaborative Information Systems.

This involves many topics including : Web 2.0, IS Architecture, IoT Cryptography, Cloud Computing, SaaS, Semantic Web and Semantic SOA.


  • Information System Architecture
  • Knowledge Management
  • Security and Risk Management









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