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Business partnerships an active network of key partner companies

The priority of EFREI is to offer students leading edge, industry focused courses in the fields of digital technology. Through our relationships with corporate and tech industry leaders, we continue to build training programs that meet the demands of the job market. Corporate and Business partnerships allow companies to forge strong links with the students of the engineering school through their participation in various events: workshops, conferences, visits, project management, awards ceremony of the best projects, graduation ceremonies among other interventions.

Master Programs Corporate Sponsors and Partners

The Major Concentration Partnership program is built on a win-win relationship where students-engineers and businesses benefit from mutual contributions. The transfer of skills and technology of the company enhance student major courses: advanced technologies, methods, maintenance simulations, CV workshops, internships. Partner companies benefit by helping to train potential collaborators on their latest technologies and methodologies and shape the future of their specific industry.

Enterprise Chair professorships bring multiple and mutual benefits to Efrei’ Master Programs and allow notably our major concentrations to remain at the forefront of technology and industry evolutions.

Chair in Networks, Virtualization and Security – Orange

As part of the network, virtualization and security partnership, experts from the Orange group, including its subsidiary IBNF, intervene in both teaching and in the piloting of the majors concerned by these topics. This collaboration also involves project supervision and internship training of student engineers.

Chair in Market Finance and Internet of Things – Maltem

The Maltem Group and its subsidiaries support the Market Finance and Internet of Things professorships. Their employees participate in the elaboration of pedagogy and teaching of the courses in the major as well as supervising student projects.

Chair in Information Systems Architecture – Société Générale

Société Générale’s Information Systems department is one of the most important employers of EFREI engineers. Since 2010, Société Générale, often represented by alumni, actively participates in the evolution of the pedagogy and training in the Information Systems Architecture major.

Business Intelligence Chair – SAS Institute

Since 2007, SAS Institute, one of the world’s leading business intelligence companies, has been making its technologies available in Efrei courses. SAS consultants teach classes and exchange regularly on pedagogy with permanent faculty members.

Teaching Chair in Software-Defined Data-Center – Ilki

The Chair is a continuation of a longstanding relationship between Efrei and the Ilki group covering aspects specific to piloting of major, teaching, and supporting student projects as well as supervising internships.

Teaching Chair in Master Data Management – CGI

As part of the Master Data Management partnership, CGI’s consultants facilitate courses, practical work and workshops on issues related to big data. The company also participates in the major Steering Committee. The collaboration also includes supervision of projects and internships of the student-engineers.