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Head of Department :

Prof. Jean Soma


Program Description 

The courses taught by faculty in the Department of Culture and Communication explore in-depth the intersection of the art of communication and the art of management.

In essence, our focus is the human dimension of an IT engineer’s education, as this constitutes perhaps the most complex aspect to understand than the more tangible technical dimensions of their training.   

In this sense, the courses at the undergraduate level have two primary objectives:

  • the first is to raise students’ awareness of communication issues that arise in professional contexts;
  • the second is to open students to the world outside of their usual frames of reference through the exploration of philosophy, psychoanalysis, literature, etc. 

These two educational objectives rely on various materials, tools and methods that promote the assimilation of both content (e.g. theories) and practice (e.g. behavior). 

Therefore, the courses, most notably the seminars (18 hours), are primarily comprised of applied studies, such as simulations, role-plays, case studies, project-based learning, coaching workshops, etc.

Learning Objectives  

By the end of this program, the students will be able to 

  • Master the expression, the structuring and the formulation of ideas  
  • Demonstrate intellectual curiosity, adaptability, and advanced levels of abstraction level (including methods of interpretation)  
  •  An Effective Public Speaker  
  • Work effectively in a team, including multicultural groups demonstrating autonomy, adaptability / capacity to integrate  
  • Effectively analyze and synthesize information  
  • Lead or facillitate meetings 
  • Function as an educator while taking the lead on proposals and innovation  
  • Demonstrate social, cultural and emotional intelligence (mastery of social codes, openness, ability to listen, etc.)