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Head of Department :

Dr. Isabelle Sirot


Program Description 

The department’s teaching objective is to develop a broad scientific background in the fields of physics and electronics with a particular focus on experimentation (projects, Lab work) as well as theoretical foundations (structured classes, tutorials).

The program is designed to progressively master the different components of the physical sciences that are essential for a digital technology engineer or computer scientist.

The teaching is primarily focused on the definition information (electrical form, electromagnetic, acoustic, optical, light, …) of treatment, the different modes of propagation and storage.

The program courses focus on the definition of information (electrical form, electromagnetic, acoustic, optical, light, …) its treatment, its multiple modes of propagation and its storage.  

Electronics is an applied branch of physics, based mainly on electricity and using particular materials.  It is the basis of information science technologies in the sense that it makes possible to materialize the representation of analogical and logical signals (sensors, coders), facilitate treatment (filters, processors), to allow communication (transmission, transmission, reception) and the storage (registers, memories) of information. 

Learning Objectives  

  • Ability to solve theoretical problems in the classic fields of physics (electricity, mechanics, thermodynamics, quantum physics ….) And electronics.  
  • Capacity to analyze information (modeling, processing and transport); designlogic circuits and electronic systems (CAD); analyze transmission systems, transmission and reception of electromagnetic waves …; 
  • Capacity to analyze and exploit acoustic and visual signals