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Equal Opportunities and Diversity Pole (PECD)

Your right to be different

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Department (PECD)

Efrei’s commitment in favor of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), is not new. The Equal Opportunities and Diversity Department (PECD) fits into this perspective. Numerous actions have impacted life at the school and many actions are being implemented. A continuous effort to promote equality, diversity and more generally, the right to be different.

The actions of the Department Equal Opportunities and Diversity

Efrei is committed to training enlightened engineers and promoting the success of all its students. Therefore social responsibility is one of the core values in our teaching. Thus, the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Department (PECD) was put in place and now focuses on 5 major missions:

  • Disability
  • Fight against harassment
  • Student Life and scholarships
  • Social openness
  • Gender equality
  • Fight against anti-racism anti-Semitism

Our convictions and actions in these six constituent missions allow us, as an institution, to implement an active CSR policy.

Disability Mission

The objective of the mission is to support students with disabilities as closely as possible throughout their studies to maximize their chances of success. This objective is reflected in the implementation of extra support adapted to each disability.

The disability mission is available to all students with disabilities, recognized or not, or experiencing health problems.
The actions of the mission focus on improving the study conditions of students encountering difficulties, whether temporary or long-term:

  • Organize awareness and information actions for all students and school staff, as well as outside the school walls.
  • To offer you solutions for a serene pursuit of your studies
  • Make the link with the Pôle Entreprises (Business Center) and include you in the mailing list of job offers and internships for students with disabilities.
  • Assist you with your administrative procedures and contact with the French Departmental Office for Persons with Disabilities (MDPH)
  • Welcome and inform you and your family
  • Make the link with the school services (Exams Service, school-year referent, teachers, etc.) about your extra support.
  • Inform you about your rights, and the benefits of recognizing your disability, for your studies and your professional life (Professionals with Disabilities Status Recognition, or RQTH in French)

Gender Equality Mission

The Gender Equality mission is part of the school’s values on the right to be different and the fight against discrimination. In a context of male/female numerical imbalance at the school (81% of male students), the mission affirms women’s right to the same careers as men and ensures “living well together” and mutual respect. The mission works closely with all the members of the PECD, and in particular the anti-harassment unit on all sexist and sexual harassment issues.

The objectives of the Gender Equality Mission:

  • Awake female vocations to the engineering profession
  • Ensure respect and quality of life for students on campus
  • Fight against sexism and stereotypes
  • Promote women alumni (create role models)


Anti-Harassment Mission

The social environment of higher education and research is unfortunately not spared from harassment. This violates the dignity and respect of everyone in our establishments. The Anti-Harassment Mission is part of the school’s values on the right to be different and the fight against discrimination.

Whether in places of study, work, internships, on the internet or in the public space, the law protects anyone who reports acts of harassment, whether being a victim or a witness. It can be for example:

  • insults or harassment
  • threats
  • obscene remarks
  • unwanted physical contact
  • phone calls
  • ill-intended text messages or emails
  • home visits or trips to the workplace…

Mission objectives:

  • Raise awareness among all students of harassment in all its forms
  • Reinforce an effective preventive policy in collaboration with Efrei stakeholders, families and partners
  • Effectively take care of victims, perpetrators and witnesses
  • Possibly seek external expertise


Social Openness Mission

The Social Openness mission is part of a common movement of the top-ranking French higher education establishments (Grandes écoles) aiming to make the pursuit of higher education more accessible to children from disadvantaged social classes.

The CGE (Conference of Grandes Écoles) defines this action as follows: “The Social Openness Group” (GOS) was created in 2005 to serve as a platform for exchange to support the development of initiatives in favor of social openness and equal opportunities in higher education institutions. Within the Social Openness Group (GOS), most schools are committed to facilitating access for disadvantaged social classes to the Grandes Écoles. Information, awareness-raising, support, tutoring, agreements with public authorities… many measures are deployed to achieve this. »

The actions:

– 30 Efrei students who play the role of mentors for 30 high-school children

– Desnos, one two-hour session per week. The mentoring actions focus on methodological support as well as the co-construction of the students’ study paths.

– Through visits to companies and higher education establishments, the Cordées will help to remove the psychological and social obstacles that hinder the ambition of young people.

– Interventions from our students and alumni will be planned at the Lycée Georges Brassens in the town of Villeneuve Le Roi to present digital jobs.

Student Life & Scholarships Mission

Created in October 2020, the Student Life and Scholarships mission is an extension of the establishment’s social openness. It also responds to a general deterioration observed in the quality of life of students in higher education amplified by the health crisis experienced since 2020. In this tormented economic, social and health context, the number of students suffering and encountering great personal and financial difficulties tends to develop. Their ability to juggle their daily lives and the success of their studies is thus logically impaired.

The actions of the Student Life and Scholarships Mission:

  • Create and mobilize a network of partners (companies, alumni, associations, officials, financial institutions, etc.)
  • Launch a call for subscription: partners, alumni, institutions…
  • Set up a Student Life & Solidarity Committee in addition to existing measures.
  • Define internal and external solutions adapted to each situation.
  • Launch an internal platform listing all the help schemes for students related to financing, housing and psychological support.
  • Offer a Social and Family Economy service to help students manage their budget and anticipate breaking points.

Anti-racism-anti-Semitism Mission

The anti-racism-anti-Semitism Mission is part of the school’s values on the right to be different and the fight against discrimination at the school.

Mission objectives:

Sensitize all students to racism and anti-Semitism in all its forms. These are the fundamental values ​​of the French Republic: freedom, equality, fraternity and secularism.

It is about leading a fight against the normalization of hatred. Every word, insult, misconduct or gesture of a racist or anti-Semitic nature must be fought from the outset. This is to avoid any escalation and excess which everyone knows can lead to confrontation. It’s also to lead a fight against conspiracy theories and the identity and communitarian drifts that often accompany them.


Since its creation in 2013, the PECD has developed several partnerships with whom it implements actions.

Elles Bougent, Passeport Avenir, Tremplin, Cdefi, CGE, Devoteam, Aubay, Sopra Steria, CGI, Villejuif town hall, BNEI, Net ecoute, Non au harcèlement, Apsytude, AFEV 94, MAIF, Board of Education of the town of Créteil, Town of Orly , Robert Desnos High-School