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Artistic Associations

The artistic associations are actively involved in campus life. Whether it be through sounds or images, they strengthen the bonds between students by spreading varied information, from the most serious to the most anecdotal. They give students who join the opportunity to acquire valuable technical and editorial skills.


The Efrei Student Arts Office, the BDA, is an association which aims to support all of the artistic and cultural associations on campus in their collaborative projects. The goal is to support the associations in creating big and ambitious projects.


EPS, Efrei Picture Studio, is the school’s photo and video association. Throughout the year, we organize training sessions, exhibitions, and competitions to share our passion. We are also present at all the professional events and those organized by the associations on campus so students can keep memories of their time at Efrei.

  • Site internet : EPS
  • Facebook : EPS
  • Twitter : EPS


With the aim to promote the school’s associations, EFREI TV is the streaming association of the school. This allows us to share the different events on campus.

We also organize regular streamings to allow our members to share their passions.

These two objectives allows anyone directly or indirectly interested in the audiovisual world to find a way to get involved.


Efreestyle is a club attached to the Student Sports Office (BDS) association that seeks to promote dancing in all its forms at the school.

It’s activities include various dance styles: Rock, Hip-Hop, Multistyle and Modern Jazz.

Efreestyle also participates in several shows and competitions.

  • Site internet : EFREE STYLE
  • Facebook : EFREE STYLE
  • Instagram EFREE STYLE


Hifi-LUX is a musical association that provides music for all types of events and parties. It gathers a group of young artists, beatmakers and creative DJs. Hifi-LUX is also specialized in creating scenery for different types of events.

The association covers various musical styles, from hip-hop to electro music.

  • Facebook : HIFILIX
  • Twitter : HIFILIX
  • Youtube : HIFILIX
  • Instagram HIFILIX

Les Plumes

A community of budding writers at Efrei, Les Plumes organizes weekly creative writing workshops for students. Whether it be to bring an existing project to fruition, exchange ideas to find inspiration, or just try your hand at writing, everyone is welcome!

  • Facebook : Les Plumes


Yé Mistikrik is a theatrical association that will awaken the John Travolta or Shakespeare that lies within you.

Whether it be stand-up comedy nights or lessons, impro lessons or theatrical performances, Yé Mistikrik isn’t just a theatrical association, it is also an hommage to writing and comedy.

  • Site internet : Yé MISTIKRIK
  • Facebook : Yé MISTIKRIK
  • Instagram Yé MISTIKRIK


Live is Efrei’s musical association. We have a room with instruments and recording equipment made available to our members. It is perfect for individual or group practice sessions, whatever the musical style.

We also offer the possibility to give or attend classes for all the instruments available. We organize various concerts each year.

  • Site internet : LIVE EFREI
  • Facebook : LIVE EFREI
  • Twitter : LIVE EFREI
  • Linkedin LIVE EFREI
  • Instagram LIVE EFREI


The Mist is an association for all magic enthusiasts.

We welcome beginners as well as experienced magicians. Regular sessions and lessons are organized to discover and improve different aspects of magic: close-up, stage magic…

You’ll be able to show off your best tricks during the events we organize!

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us on our social media for more information!

  • Facebook : THE MIST


ReName is the school’s student newspaper. The association regularly issues publications accompanied by events, so that all students may take advantage of them. ReName collaborates closely with the other associations on campus to deliver pertinent and quality information. Besides being the school’s number one means of communication, ReName is a tight-knit association that tells the student story of Efrei!

  • Site internet : RENAME
  • Facebook : RENAME
  • Twitter : RENAME
  • Linkedin RENAME
  • Instagram RENAME


Ready’O is the school’s radio !

Radio shows, promotion of school events, associative and academic activities, live interviews with students and staff, live broadcast of radio shows on YouTube, goodies to be won through our contests!


  • Facebook : READY'O
  • Twitter : READY'O
  • Youtube : READY'O
  • Linkedin READY'O
  • Instagram READY'O


Pen Soul is the drawing club for everyone who is itching to use their pencil! It helps illustrate the school newspaper and offers cultural outings.

It is part of the ReName association.

  • Facebook : PEN SOUL