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Associations Culture and Leisure

Music, video games, poker, role-playing games, wine tasting… there is something for everyone! Getting together around a common passion is first of all an obvious way for students to share memorable moments and create lasting bonds, often in a (very) festive atmosphere. But cultural associations also play an important role in professional development, fun ways to learn the little extras that can make a difference in a career, without realizing it.


Our association promotes E-sport within Efrei. We accompany teams dedicated to becoming strong University or even PRO teams on a wide variety of games. We also organize internal and external tournaments on the games we support: MOBA:(LOL,HOTS) FPS:(OverWatch) Mobile:(Hearthstone) versus fighting:(SSBU,SSB4,FighterZ), and many more.

  • Facebook : 4ESPORT


Club Rézo’s goal is to organize LAN-Parties on campus for students. It’s 17 hours of non-stop games, music, tournaments and fun, all organized by a team that’s motivated and always ready for action.

  • Site internet : CLUB-REZO
  • Facebook : CLUB-REZO


Strategy ? Analysis ? Composure? Channeling? Lying?

If these words interest you, and you like cards, don’t hesitate to join EFREI Poker! Beginner, amateur, advanced, whatever your level, we will help you to progress and improve. Our meetings take place in the Maison des Associations (second floor of the Student Hub) every Tuesday from 6pm to midnight and Thursdays from 9pm to midnight.

Join us and become the best so that you might win one of the tournaments organized by EFREI Poker throughout the year (rumor has it that you can win an integration weekend during integration month…).

  • Facebook : EFREI POKER
  • Instagram EFREI POKER


Ef’ray is an association that mainly practices Laser Games. We go to a center in Paris, and we offer our members the opportunity to practice this activity at a reduced price.

  • Facebook : Ef’ray


Efrei Design is part of the BDE and is in charge of creating and managing the association sweatshirts.

Efrei Design also creates and distributes the year-group pullovers.


EGE is an organization for chess enthusiasts. Our association is open to everyone. We aim to help students discover the subtleties of the game and organize events to share our passion. We are also present at sporting events, especially the national competitions.


If you enjoy puzzles and teamwork, Groupe Escape is made for you. As its name suggests, Groupe Escape is an association that organizes escape games from A to Z! Without pressure, you’ll be able to think about the entire design of an escape game, from the theme to monitoring. Indeed, you’ll be like spies, attentively watching the participants who complete your puzzles. But that’s not all. Groupe Escape also organizes treasure hunts spread across campus, as well as outings for its members to escape games in Paris, so that we can challenge ourselves in this field.

In short, here’s what to remember about Groupe Escape:

-Each year, an escape game theme for school events

-Complete design of the escape game, from the search for puzzles to monitoring

-Outings to enjoy all together


La Taverne du Troll is an association that seeks to promote role-playing games, board games, and card games, by introducing them to students and people outside Efrei. The association primarily organizes tournaments of all kinds of games, games of the month, or events with board game publishers.

We also take part in most of the events organized by Efrei or other association. Our Tavern is a friendly place where curious people, lovers of various games, and anyone looking for a little company or adventure can come together.

  • Site internet : TAVERNE DU TROLL
  • Facebook : TAVERNE DU TROLL


Fan of combat games? Of MMORPG? Of FPS or MOBA?

On a PC, video game console or cell phone? At Pandora, you can find other people to play with or against, participate in tournaments, share your best moments! You can find us twice during the week: Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 9pm in the orange amphitheater. Outside of these weekly meeting, you can find us at Rezals or Aki Parties, where we organize tournaments on the games of the moment. And if you still want more, a discord is available for members, so you never have to stop!

Make Me Up

Make Me Up is the school’s make-up and well-being association. It organizes relaxation events both on campus and off. Osteopathy, FX make-up (special effects like Halloween), fake nails, henna, beard trimming, or even partnerships with bloggers and students from the “Make Up Forever Academy,” we do everything! Passion, love of beauty, and sharing are our mottos.

  • Site internet : Make Me Up
  • Facebook : Make Me Up


We are an association dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts at Efrei. Our goal is to improve the life of 2-wheelers on campus by offering partnerships and projects. Family spirit and passion.

  • Facebook : SONS OF EFREI