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Associations Culture and Leisure

Music, video games, poker, role-playing games, wine tasting… there is something for everyone! Getting together around a common passion is first of all an obvious way for students to share memorable moments and create lasting bonds, often in a (very) festive atmosphere. But cultural associations also play an important role in professional development, fun ways to learn the little extras that can make a difference in a career, without realizing it.


4eSport is a video game association. It gathers various groups that represent the current esports games. It is open to all!

  • Facebook : 4ESPORT


Club-Rézo’s goal is to organize “Rézals”, a gaming night with pizzas on campus! Playing on your own is fun but playing as a group is better!

Rézal offers a fun and relaxed vibe to have fun all night long but it’s also the chance to meet new people on campus.

  • Site internet : CLUB-REZO
  • Facebook : CLUB-REZO


Welcome to Efrei Poker! We organize biweekly sessions on Mondays and Thursdays for students who wish to play poker whether it be to progress, to have fun or to meet new people.

And for the most competitive of you, we also organize tournaments where you can win prizes! If you’re interested, contact us on campus or on our social media!

  • Facebook : EFREI POKER
  • Instagram EFREI POKER


Efrei Tir is an association that brings together students from Efrei interested in shooting sports and associated activities such as airsoft, laser game and archery.

The association is open to all, beginners as well as experienced players, who have equipment or not.


Efrei Design is part of the BDE and is in charge of creating and managing the association sweatshirts.

Efrei Design also creates and distributes the year-group pullovers.


If you enjoy puzzles and teamwork, Groupe Escape is made for you. As its name suggests, Groupe Escape is an association that organizes escape games from A to Z! Without pressure, you’ll be able to think about the entire design of an escape game, from the theme to monitoring. Indeed, you’ll be like spies, attentively watching the participants who complete your puzzles. But that’s not all. Groupe Escape also organizes treasure hunts spread across campus, as well as outings for its members to escape games in Paris, so that we can challenge ourselves in this field.

In short, here’s what to remember about Groupe Escape:

-Each year, an escape game theme for school events

-Complete design of the escape game, from the search for puzzles to monitoring

-Outings to enjoy all together


La Taverne is an association that’s only goal is to have fun.

We organize weekly meetings on Thurdays to play boardgames but that’s not all! La Taverne is also a place for role-playing games, figurine games and card games, so it’s definitely the place to be to organize group games!

  • Site internet : TAVERNE DU TROLL
  • Facebook : TAVERNE DU TROLL


Pandora is a multi-gaming association that promotes recreation and a sense of community. We promote the video game and retro game culture.

Make Me Up

Make Me Up is a well-being and beauty association. Our aim is to allow students to express themselves and to find themselves in an association in which they feel comfortable: henna, SFX make-up, self-confidence, manicure, masterclasses and much more!

  • Site internet : Make Me Up
  • Facebook : Make Me Up


We are an association dedicated to motorcycle enthusiasts at Efrei. Our goal is to improve the life of 2-wheelers on campus by offering partnerships and projects. Family spirit and passion.

  • Facebook : SONS OF EFREI