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Events Associations

What would Efrei be without its event associations? No doubt it would be a very different school! These associations play an important role in students’ lives, by creating links for all promotions combined. With the obligatory passages (the integration weekend, the Gala) as in more daily life thanks to the Student Office, they participate in the quality of the daily atmosphere and in the gradual constitution of a solid network, registered in time.


Efrei Chefs offers workshops to learn new recipes and cook for yourself, for others during inter-association events such as PODs, have a good time, laugh at our failures and mourn our successes!

  • Facebook : EFREI CHEFS


The Continental is an association whose goal is the management of the K-fet. It is also a bar, a workspace, a relaxation area, a projection room, a party room… These are just some of the facets of the final K-fet project.

  • Site internet : THE CONTINENTAL


Millésime is Efrei’ wine association. They organize wine tasting events and wine courses with professionals. It aims to familiarize students with wine making, in order to give them the opportunity to deepen their knowledge in this field.

  • Facebook : MILLÉSIME
  • Instagram MILLÉSIME


WEI’s mission is to welcome newcomers in order to help them integrate at EFREI. It offers many events throughout the year: breakfast, cultural rally, AIDS awareness day, barbecue, parties, sports activities and the discovery of student associations and especially the famous WEI (Integration Weekend).

  • Facebook : WEI
  • Linkedin WEI