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Humanitarian Projects Associations

Computing and digital technology are ever-present in our 21st century societies. This well-known reality is a challenging factor in development and innovation, but it can also increase the isolation of the weakest. Like illiteracy, ignorance or lack of access to new technologies is a source of exclusion. Associations therefore mobilize the expertise of students to tackle the damage that digital technology can cause from a social, economic or ecological point of view.


4L & Faons is a 1901 law association, which started 9 years ago. Our goal is to allow Efrei students to participate in the raid of the 4L Trophy, the leading student sporting and humanitarian event in Europe. Between sporting challenge, discovery and solidarity, the 4L Trophy experience remains unique in a lifetime!

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EAH (Efrei Humanitarian Aid) is registered under the French association law of 1901 and has been going for 30 years. Our goal is to carry out social and humanitarian actions, in order to reduce the digital divide in the world but also to encourage equal opportunities when it comes to access to education.

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FAP EFREI is an association that aims to reduce the digital divide amongst older people, people returning to work or people with disabilities.

It’s also an association that allows students to share their passion for computer science in primary schools. In addition, it allows volunteer students to help fellow Efrei students to succeed in their computer science courses.

  • Site internet : FAP EFREI
  • Facebook : FAP EFREI


Symbioz is Efrei’ sustainable development association. We aim to raise awareness among students, staff and professors. We organize conferences, breakfasts and a day on sustainable development. We offer recycling on campus and we are involved in campus development projects (green spaces and discussions about energy).

  • Site internet : SYMBIOZ
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Kanon is an association that aims to promote the respect of women and the LGBTQIA+ community at Efrei.


Human’App is a humanitarian association for app developers at Efrei. Our projects have the aim to voluntarily offer help to those in need, in partnership with:

  • State institutions (town halls, regions)
  • Private associations or individuals
  • Other associations at Efrei (such as BDE Odyssey)

To learn more or if you have a question, you can contact us via our Facebook page.

  • Facebook : HUMAN APP