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International Associations

The international dimension is an integral part of Efrei. Throughout the year, several associations promote the spirit of openness that drives the school, for exchanges that are bound to be passionate and instructive, both from a human point of view and in terms of professional perspectives.


Asian’Efrei is an association which promotes Asian cultures, both on-campus and off. From an introduction to traditional games (Koi-Koi, Mah Jong, Go) to cosplay competitions and musical games (DDR, Karaoke), Asian’Efrei proposes many activities that allow everyone to discover what Eastern cultures have to offer. Asian’Efrei also organizes an evening event called the Aki Party, which is open to the public and offers various activities and conferences that will delight lovers of Asia as well as the curious.

  • Site internet : ASIAN’EFREI
  • Facebook : ASIAN’EFREI
  • Twitter : ASIAN’EFREI


Building on more than 15 years of experience, Efrei International is the school’s international student association. Each year, numerous students come from around the world to take advantage of Efrei’ study programs, thereby creating incredible cultural diversity on campus. Our association aims to welcome international students and help them integrate into French culture to make their stay unforgettable. We offer them, for example, tutoring in French, and many activities. Our mission is also to accompany them in their daily administrative procedures, and to promote Efrei’ image on an international scale.



The association IWEEK organizes the integration week for international students from our partner universities. Over the course of this week, they are welcomed, guided, and housed by Efrei student. The program includes visits to Parisian monuments and museums during the day, and parties at night!

  • Site internet : IWEEK
  • Facebook : IWEEK
  • Youtube : IWEEK
  • Linkedin IWEEK