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Professional Associations

Efrei’ professional associations play an important role as a bridge between students and companies. Helping students make the right choices according to their professional ambitions, target a company, take on real responsibilities in their first professional experience, benefit from Efrei’s network… These associations offer valuable services, which Efrei students can use to launch their career in the best possible conditions and never feel alone in their first professional steps.

Efrei Alumni

Efrei Alumni: Boost your network with EPA!

Efrei Alumni (EPA) is an association which brings together the 14,500 graduates and current students of the school. It was created in December 2018 following the merger of the Efrei, Esigetel and Efreitech alumni associations.

Free for all graduates and current students who have been at the school for more than one year, the Efrei Alumni website offers a directory of graduates with geolocation, events, discussion groups on different topics, and job offers from the community or business partners…so many opportunities to develop your network!

The Alumni association chaired by Bruno Gabriel (Efrei graduate 2013) has a specific objective: to create ties between all year groups, current students included! To achieve this, a special Alumni contact person, Cathy Fonteneau (cathy.fonteneau@efrei.fr) is available on campus. Between active contribution, event planning and representation activities for the benefit of alumni and students, there’s no shortage of work: don’t hesitate to contact us to join the Efrei Alumni student team (campus@efrei-alumni.org)!

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SEPEFREI is one of the 30 best Junior-Entreprises in France. An important part of the associative life on campus, and in professional training, SEP’s goals are two-fold.

The professional aspect allows students to gain confidence and experience, all the while working in direct contact with clients, and in the daily management of the association and its projects.

The associative aspect is felt just as much on campus as it will during the regional, national, and international meetings of the Junior-Entrepreneurs. Because the Junior-Entreprises is also the largest student movement in France!

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OGMA Efrei

Speaking is one thing, speaking well is another. Ogma Efrei offers students the opportunity to test their skills once a week during our meetings. Try your hand at public speaking and writing during our various exercises (debates, improvisations, etc.) on different themes every week! It’s a great way to improve your knowledge and open your mind, all the while progressing in an undoubtedly essential field!

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