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Sports associations

Sailing, team sports, combat sports, dance and even parachuting… there is something for everyone. In addition to that, Efrei’ sports associations have the common point of offering lessons adapted to everyone, to beginners as well as to experienced, in friendly atmospheres and in very helpful conditions. We are looking for team spirit, thrills or just physical and mental well-being … no excuses! You only have to choose your sport!


The BDS (Student Sports Office) brings together all of Efrei’ sports associations: rugby, football, basketball, badminton, tennis, volleyball, swimming, and chess. Each association provides materials to ensure the smooth running of the disciplines. The BDS also organizes many events throughout the year including Sports Week.

  • Site internet : BDS
  • Facebook : BDS


CAP EFREI is Efrei’ sailing association. With more than twenty permanent members, it introduces students to the joys of sailing, whatever their level. The Cap Efrei association participates in several student regattas each year, including Voiles Étudiantes du Havre and the EDHEC Cruise Race, the largest student sports gathering in Europe. The Cap Efrei team carries out targeted training in Brest in order to prepare for the regattas.

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Experienced fighter or interested beginner? Need workouts or to let off steam? Don’t search anymore: try Efight! Whether you want to learn how to defend yourself, fight like in martial arts movies and break boards, or just exercise after a day’s work, this association is made for you!

  • Facebook : EFIGHT


E-Force is Efrei’ bodybuilding association. Three major poles exist: Fitness, Bodybuilding, and Athletic strength. Personalized coaching on demand and various weight training programs available in different gyms. Beginner or better, E-Force supports you by bringing you to your goals.

  • Facebook : E-Force

Efrei Barners

Efrei Barners aims to represent the school and support the various organizations or associations that ask for support. It is not a simple association of spectators, but motivated supporters. The objective of the Efrei Barners association is to provide an associative framework for students wishing to assist and, of course, support the players during school sports games and competitions.


A new club created in 2018, the Panthers are coming to the Efrei campus to introduce students to the magnificent sport of American football. This sport, which is both tactical and physical, allows you to grow within a group thanks to the many values ​​transmitted such as commitment, solidarity, the power of a group, or teamwork. Whether you are tall or short, thin or powerful, strong or fast, reflective or active… Everyone has a role within the group because all the qualities are necessary for the success of the team.

  • Facebook : FOOT US


Efrei Para’s aim is to promote parachuting among engineering students.

The association allows students to discover two extraordinary activities, parachuting and wind tunnels. While this sport, like no other, is often difficult to access with its high-prices, Efrei Para supports students, giving them the opportunity to discover free fall under unbeatable conditions.

  • Site internet : EFREI PARA
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Efrei Sport Climbing

Efrei Sport Climbing is Efrei’ climbing association. It is open to everyone, beginners as well as experienced.


Skateboarding, Rollerblading, BMX … EF’Ride allows you to thrive in any board sport and whatever your level. We offer weekly outings to discover or learn more about different disciplines, whether it’s a simple walk in Paris or the skatepark. We also offer ice rink evenings several times a year in partnership with Hock’efrei.

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Hock’Efrei has 24 Efrei students meeting at least three times a week at the Vitry-sur-Seine ice rink as players for the Vitry 3 team in the Leisure category.

It also includes a trip abroad each year to represent French university ice hockey internationally, two years ago in London and last year in Prague.

The squad includes as many experienced players as there are players who had never skated before their first practice. They have grown together and benefitted from the other team members’ experience, and of course: have fun. Places are limited, but our selections are not based on the level of the player but on their motivation!

  • Site internet : Hock’Efrei
  • Facebook : Hock’Efrei