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Technological associations

The technological associations are a natural extension of the education provided by Efrei. In electronics, computing or mechanics, they are fertile places for exchanges between enthusiasts, deepening technical knowledge and innovations. Through the group development of concrete projects, advanced training and conferences with the best specialists, they often play an accelerating role in the early career of young engineers.


Efrei 3D is an association that deals with all aspects of tridimensionality. It’s an association for anyone directly or indirectly interested in 3D modeling, the development of video games and cinematic special effects.

  • Site internet : EFREI 3D
  • Facebook : EFREI 3D
  • Twitter : EFREI 3D


Efrei Linux brings together students who are passionate about IT. Our association allows students to deepen their technical knowledge (computer security, system administration, etc.) and makes them aware of the use of free software. We organize workshops on these two themes and we participate in external events (Ex: LeHack).

  • Site internet : EFREI LINUX
  • Facebook : EFREI LINUX
  • Twitter : EFREI LINUX
  • Linkedin EFREI LINUX

Aero Efrei

Aero Efrei is an association of aeronautics and space at the school. Everyone is welcome! For those that are just interested and for the enthusiasts. If you’re just interested in flying objects or if you know the A320 or the Soyuz capsule like the back of your hand, don’t hesitate in joining us! We’d be happy to have you 😊

  • Facebook : Aero Efrei


Crobot’ic is a robotics association of Efrei. Its aim is to promote robotics and intelligent systems amongst students whether they’re beginners or experts.

We offer to introduce you to the concepts of robotics through several training sessions organized by our members and through two major competitions: Sumobot and the French Robotics Cup (Coupe de France de Robotique).

  • Site internet : Crobot’ic
  • Facebook : Crobot’ic


EFREI Falcon is a drone and model aircraft making association. We carry out several projects throughout the year. In 2020-2021, we built a cinewhoop and a Spitfire with 1.7m wingspan. We also organize initialization workshops to drones and model making.

  • Facebook : EFREI FALCON


ICE Efrei is a research and development association based on Innovation, Conception and Evolution in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The association is made up of 5 groups (invention, drones, AI, virtual reality and low-tech) and allows students to develop their projects and improve their technical knowledge.

In a constant search for innovation, ICE is always looking for new challenges by using new technologies and by initializing its members to new development and research tools.

  • Facebook : ICE EFREI