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Technological associations

The technological associations are a natural extension of the education provided by Efrei. In electronics, computing or mechanics, they are fertile places for exchanges between enthusiasts, deepening technical knowledge and innovations. Through the group development of concrete projects, advanced training and conferences with the best specialists, they often play an accelerating role in the early career of young engineers.


Efrei 3D is one of the technological associations that offers mutual assistance and training around modeling on software as well-known as Maya or Unity, printing using 3D printers and their finishes with paints.

The association also has a film center, which produces films and edits short films supervised by external professional speakers. Finally, for the most creative, the association helps members to create their own video games around projects

  • Site internet : EFREI 3D
  • Facebook : EFREI 3D
  • Twitter : EFREI 3D


Efrei Linux brings together students who are passionate about IT. Our association allows students to deepen their technical knowledge (computer security, system administration, etc.) and makes them aware of the use of free software. We organize workshops on these two themes and we participate in external events (Ex: LeHack).

  • Site internet : EFREI LINUX
  • Facebook : EFREI LINUX
  • Twitter : EFREI LINUX
  • Linkedin EFREI LINUX

Aero Efrei

Aero Efrei: Efrei students at the gates, arming the slides, checking the opposite door … That’s it, you’ve decided to join the school’s aeronautics and space association crew. With us, take advantage of our simulator equipped with 3 screens at the controls of a Boeing 777 or a Cesna, follow training courses given by our experienced members, participate in the space division’s projects… The sky is the limit at Aero Efrei!

  • Facebook : Aero Efrei


Crobot’ic is Efrei’ robotics association. We welcome everyone, both beginners, experienced, to discover the world of robotics, and embedded systems. To do this, we offer a diverse range of activities, ranging from training to competitions and including help with personal student projects. Our two major competitions are Sumobot and the French Robotics Cup.

  • Site internet : Crobot’ic
  • Facebook : Crobot’ic


EFREI FALCON is an FPV Drone. Put on your mask, pick up your remote control and dive into the world of Racing and Freestyle.

Here we allow you to join a community of passionate pilots who will teach you the basics and intricacies of navigating in the first person. Far from stabilized systems, here you control your beast and the airspace is yours!

Beginner or experienced come see us, give it a try and if you like it, join us!

  • Facebook : EFREI FALCON


The ICE EFREI (Innovation Conception Evolution) association was created in 2009 with the aim of allowing Efrei students to improve their technical knowledge (NTIC). The association welcomes and provides information to students wishing to carry out a project or to discover new development and research tools such as: drones, the Arduino / Raspberry Pi or even virtual reality headsets. Driven by its desire to innovate, design and evolve, the association is constantly launching new challenges, exploiting new technologies while mastering every aspect of the project whether they are hardware or software. Today, the association brings together members from different promotions ranging from L1 to M2.

  • Facebook : ICE EFREI