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The BDE – the Student Leadership Office – plays a major role in the organization of student life on campus and the management of associations. Indeed, the members of the BDE act as a liaison between the 3200 students and the Direction of the school, administrative offices, professors, and external organizations. The BDE is also in charge of bringing together Efrei’ 50 active clubs and associations, and promoting and enlivening student life on campus, so that all students may continue to grow in a spirit of solidarity and camaraderie. The BDE encourages students to become involved in associations and campus projects. Each year, it organizes luncheons, PODs (drinks and finger food), Ski Week, student parties… It is also in charge of the cafeteria and the Center for Associations.

BDE Elections

Each year in the month of March, a new Student Leadership Office is elected by students following a week-long campaign where the campus transforms and takes on the colors of all the competing teams. The candidates try to outdo each other in ingenuity and surprises, in order to attract attention and get students to adhere to their program.