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Director of Undergraduate Studies :

Dr. Rana Farh


General organisation of the undergraduate program:

  • Structure of the program:
    • The undergraduate program consists of 3 years of Studies.
    • It is structured in 6 semesters referred to respectively as S1-S2-S3-S4-S5-S6.
    • Each semester is worth 30 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System) credits.
    • The undergraduate program is equivalent in total to 180 ECTS credits. 
  • Undergraduate Tracks:
    • French track: undergraduate students study in French in this classical track
    • International track: undergraduate students study English in the  international track
    • Bio-Informatics track: for undergraduate students wanting to specialize in Bio-informatics the core program is adapted and students take a series of electives in Biology and Chemistry. This program is offered in French only
  • The engineer’s scientific and technical training : 3/4 (75 %) of our undergraduate program is dedicated to scientific and technical training, with core modules in: 

    • Mathematics,
    • Computer Science,
    • Physics and Electronics
    • Biology and Chemistry (only for the Bio-informatics track)
  • The engineer’s general training : 1/4 (25%) of the program is dedicated to general and professional training in order to prepare students to their future professional environment. All undergraduate students must take core modules in:

    • Management, Economics, Accounting, Law,
    • Languages
    • Professional Communication and Culture

Partnership with the University of Paris Est Marne-La-Vallée

Upon completion of the Efrei Paris’s undergraduate program, engineering students may acquire the national Bachelor of Science and Technology with a major in Mathematics and IT, delivered by the University of Paris Est Marne-La-Vallée.